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Bucket conveyor

Our machines turn the head for you
Our machines transport for you around the corner
Our machines can transport for you up to 400m≥/hour


Size of the bucket conveyors:


Bucket materials:

Polyamide glas fibre reinforced
Polyamide heat-resistant
Polyamide antistatic
Stainless steel

As the only company worldwide we offer in the sector of bulk conveyors performance up to 400 m≥/hour, the conveyors head in a rotatable design and rubber block chains with Kevlar deposit.
Our bucket conveyors are used in many areas.

Areas of application are for example: Coffee, Salt, Wash powder, Stones, Mortar, Meat and bone meal, Fertilizers, Corundum, Glass, Seeds, etc.

Our machines transport products which are highly abrasive, produce high dust development and which must be transported carefully. Because of the rotatable design itís not necessary to have the in- and output of the shaft.

NEW: Weighing unit -> Weighing during production or shipping
Filling station -> Measures the filling of the cup and protects against overfilling. So you can reach the best usage of your bucket conveyor.