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Rubber block chain

Rubber block chain with steel rope or Kevlar.

Among the advantages of the changeless, quiet, wear-resistant and maintenance-free run is a stable value quality aspect: corrosion-free design.

By using the rubber block chain an especially quiet run is achieved.
Jobs that are located in the immediate vicinity of the conveyor won’t be affected with the disturbing noise during the operation of the conveyor.

The rubber block chain allows an extremely cost-effective operation, as lubrication, regular adjustment and tensioning of the chain omitted and so the maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum.

The rubber block chain can be adapted to each application.
By producing in our own factory, small amounts of particular qualities can be produced inexpensively.
We process SBR rubber, EPDM rubber, NBR rubber, coloured rubber up to silicone.

The decisive factor for the choice of the rubber quality is environmental exposure.
The high tensile strength is achieved by the use of a vulcanized steel wire ropes, Kevlar and special fabrics.